Over 180,000 U.S. tech jobs added in 2016

A new report recently published by CompTIA revealed that the U.S. tech industry employs nearly 7 million workers, TechRepublic reported. Approximately 182,000 jobs were added in 2016, representing 10 percent of employment growth nationwide, as well as a 3 percent uptick from the year before. Furthermore, with the tech industry continuously expanding, the sector now accounts for about 8 percent of total U.S. economic activity.

According to TechRepublic, last year the average annual wage for tech positions hit an estimated $108,900 - twice as much as the national average wage, which is $53,040.

In its press release, CompTIA revealed that the tech industry has seen a net gain of nearly 865,000 jobs in the past decade. Additionally, 2016 marked the fifth consecutive year that tech businesses in the U.S. saw growth. The analysis firm noted that while almost every state saw increases in tech employment and business, some of the most significant job gains occurred in California, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Michigan. 

"These numbers affirm the strength and vitality of the U.S. tech industry, and attest to its essential standing in the economy," CompTIA CEO and President Todd Thibodeaux said in the company's statement. "Technology enables innovation and generates growth for companies, regardless of their size, locale or markets served."

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