Nestlé to bring 300 IT jobs to Virginia, 321 jobs to Illinois

Swiss food and drink company Nestlé recently announced two new initiatives that will create more than 600 jobs between two U.S. cities.

According to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the information technology operations of the company will be moving to St. Louis, Virginia, as part of the relocation of Nestlé headquarters. Transitioning from California to northern Virginia, the move will create 300 new IT jobs during the second part of 2017.

Centralizing IT operations for the company will help to streamline the work of its numerous business units, Nestlé said in a statement, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The statement continued:

"As the company looks to the future, it will continue to demonstrate its commitment to the United States as a key growth market."

Virginia is not the only state gaining Nestlé jobs. The company branch in Solon, Illinois, is also adding 321 jobs, according to Crain's Cleveland Business. The Solon-based division will soon be home to all supply chain teams as well as the management of all technical and production.

As Crain's Cleveland Business reported, both moves come as the company aims to consolidate the locations of business operations and factories of Nestlé. Currently, much of the production locations of the business are on the eastern side of the U.S.

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