Cybersecurity engineer one of top jobs in IT

The position of cybersecurity engineer commands one of the highest average salaries of all positions in IT across the country, according to data from the Randstad 2017 Salary Guide, CIO reported.

Citing data from the report, CIO included cybersecurity engineer as one of the top jobs in IT for this year, and noted that entry-level annual pay for these professionals exceeded $100,000 in New York and Los Angeles. For senior-level workers, salary can reach as high as $143,381 in New York and $137,175 in Los Angeles. 

Two other top jobs referenced by the article were Java developer and big data software development architect, both of which also garnered large salaries in major U.S. metro areas. 

Cybersecurity in general is a rapidly growing field with strong demand for qualified workers. According to Newsweek, research shows that the demand for cybersecurity professionals increased 3.5 percent faster than other IT positions in a five-year period. 

"The proliferation of technology is set to continue, with our homes, devices and lives becoming increasingly interconnected - the threats to our systems both at home and at work will also continue to rise and need to be challenged," the article noted.

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