IT employment bounces back in August

IT employment figures bounced backed in August after a lower-than-expected July showing.

According to CompTIA, which conducted an analysis of recently released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, found that U.S. employers added 205,000 IT workers last month, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

The gains help offset July jobs activity in the industry, which saw 88,000 jobs lost, as well as losses in April and May, when IT hiring dropped to its lowest rate in five years, the news source noted. 

The August figures help bring total employment in IT for the year to more than 4.6 million. 

CompTIA found that the strongest gains within the IT industry were in computer systems design and IT software and services, together adding 6,100 jobs in August. Jobs related to search portals and data processing, hosting and related services also experienced small employment boosts. 

"Despite the limitations and volatility of monthly BLS data, the figures are useful in gauging net job growth for the year," said Tim Herbert, CompTIA senior vice president, research and market intelligence, in a press release. "Last year we had 3.1 percent job growth in IT occupations. Conditions suggest a growth rate on par with that in 2016."

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