Automation and artificial intelligence expected to create 15 million jobs by 2027

The Future of Jobs report released this week by Forrester Research has revealed that the rise of automation and artificial intelligence is expected to create nearly 15 million new jobs in the U.S. over the next 10 years, MarketWatch reported. This news comes amidst much debate as of late about how robots and technology may influence the job market. 

According to the source, the report noted that the majority of newly created positions will be in specific job areas including engineering, software, design, maintenance, support and training. Additionally, a fresh wave of legal and human resources professionals will likely be necessary for managing and regulating human and robot employee interactions. 

Forrester also projects that a quarter of all jobs will undergo major changes regarding role functions and responsibilities - particularly in medicine, farming and finance, MarketWatch reported.

As TechRepublic pointed out, although a sizeable number of jobs - almost 10 million - are expected to eventually be displaced by robots, the recent analysis projections indicate a far milder impact than the nearly 70 million jobs some industry experts previously predicted would be lost. 

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