Macy's to enhance the shopping experience through artificial intelligence

Macy's has teamed up with IBM Watson to introduce an artificial intelligence-powered shopping assistant for its retail stores.

The in-store mobile platform designed to enhance the consumer experience, Macy's On Call, will launch in 10 U.S. stores during a trial phase, reported Forbes. IBM Watson has recently teamed up with Satisfi, an intelligent engagement platform and developer partner, which will only further enhance the new platform of the retailer.

Based on the notion that customers are increasingly more likely to turn to their smartphones than actual store associates, the platform allows shoppers to ask questions in natural language to receive relevant answers.

"The combination of Satisfi's location-based, intelligent engagement software, with the cognitive learning capabilities of IBM's Watson, has helped us build a powerful and comprehensive tool to enhance the in-store shopping environment," said Don White, chief revenue officer at Satisfi.

Eventually the chatbot will learn how to give responses on department, brand and product locations within each specific store, reported The Washington Post. The new feature will be an extension of customer habits on the Macy's existing store ap. Shoppers will now be able to get more detail on products and check prices themselves.

The major clothing store is not the first retailer to incorporate technology and is joining the trend in an effort to improve the shopping experience.

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